Add New Item

To add new items, “Shipping Setting” has to be done in advance. To know the derail, check the page “Preparations”.Preparations

The sample of “Welcart Shop Add New Item” page is below.

Inputting field

  • a.General item info It shows general information about Item name and Item code.
  • b.SKU price infoThe price and stock status will be set in this field. It is helpful when multiple size and colors are registered.

  • c.Item / option infoYou can registers the options of each item when they are bought. “Common option” in “General setting” has to be set up in advance. Multiple registration is available.

  • d.Item detail explanationThe information about item detail page in your shop can be set up here.
  • e.Item ImageYou can confirm the image of items here. There is no limitation about the number of images for an item
  • f.PublishThe information of items can be saved as drafts and published here.

  • g.Post TagsSetting other item code in Tag enables the item to connected with the related items.
  • h.CategoryYou can set up the item category.
  • i.Custom fieldItem specification in item detail page can be set up here. Also it can be used to add extra metadata to a post that you can use in your theme.
  • j.Slug The URL of item detail page can be changed as you like.