d. Item detail explanation

Item detail explanation block

The information for item detail page need to be input here.
Other images can be represented in there other than the registered images for the image.

  • Title for detail page (vital)
    It is the title for item detail page.
    When new item is registered, the item code is there as the initial data, and you can over write if it needs. Because this is important field for SEO, keywords should be included.
    Although item names cannot be long, titles are available to be long.

  • Upload / Insert
    Upload / Insert is useful when you want to upload images for items or pictures and illustrations for articles.See “How to register item images”

  • Detail area
    The area is for input item information. Write many information as much as possible to be more understood by customers.

  • Excerpt
    Summery of items should be input there. Introduce your items with 1~2 text lines.
    Welcart Default theme is not using this “Excerpt”.

This Item derail page is very important to catch the customers’ hearts. Do not forget detailed introductions about your items to get more orders and to reach potential buyers from SEO.