a. Item General Info

Put general information into “Add New Item.”

General item information

  • Item code (vital)
    It is a code to differentiate the items. It needs to be unique.
    Make it unique with alphanumerics (single bite characters).
    At this point, when the item code is included in another item code, the item image will not show correctly.
    example) a code for item A (A001), a code for item B (A00123)
    Avoid the situation like the example above.

  • Item name(vital)
    Name of the item. If the item name is too long, it will cause an error when a credit card payment is made.
    It should be under 30 characters. If you want longer item name for SEO, you should create it in “Title” of “Add New” page. It should be the same as the item to catch customer’s eye.

  • Limited number of purchase
    It is the limit for one purchase. If not set up, it stays blank.

  • Percentage of points
    It is the point rate earned for members when they shop.

  • Business package discount
    Business package discount is available depending on if it’s applied for each SKU code or not.
    It stays blank if you do not use.

  • Estimated shipping date
    It is the setting for the estimated number of days from the date received order to the shipping of packages.
    The date set in “General setting” becomes the initial data.

  • Shipping option
    Choose the shipping option registered in “Shipping Setting” page that are available for each item.
    When you choose several options, the customer will be able to choose from them. When there are several items in the shopping cart, the shipping option is prioritized. Shipping setting should be done in advance.

    Also, if shipping setting is changed after the item registration, the items affected by this action will have to be renewed.

  • Shipping (price)
    It sets up the shipping fee registered in “Shipping Setting” page.
    When the shipping option fee registered in “Shipping Setting” is not fixed (not flat-rated), the shipping fee can be changed and selected there. When the shipping fee is fixed (flat-rated), it becomes the highest priority and the selected fee in “Add New” is ignored.

    When there are several items in the shopping cart, the highest shipping fee preceeds.

    The detail on “How shipping fee is added” is here.

  • Individual Postage charge
    To change shipping fee for each item, check the box there. For example, when there are two items in the shopping cart, the shipping fee of the two items will be added aside from the regular shipping fee.