c. Options for items

Purchase condition for each item is called “options for items”. To use this function, “common options” in “General setting” has to be created in advance.
This is applied for each item as a chosen option.
See “setting common options”

Options for items

  • Option name(vital)
    You can choose the option names here.
    In this field, the option which is registered in “General setting” is applied for the item when you choose the option name in the field. Therefore, the option name cannot be changed there.

  • Field type
    There are Single select, Multi select, Text, and Text-area as choices.

  • Required
    When this box is checked, the field type needs to chosen. If “Text” is chosen, “selected amount” need to be filled out.

  • Select amountThe information that the customer chose is represented there. This field enables you to change the information of common options. If it is text field, it should be remained as a blank.

Apply options for items

When click “apply an option”, an option for an item is added. You can add options that you need.

Change options for items

The added options can be changed anytime. After changing each information, click “update” button.
The options name cannot be changed. If you need another option, the new option has to be registered in “General setting”.
When you change any information of it, click “update” button in the same field. “Update” button in the right side bar does not work for the information renewal for it.

Delete options for items

Click “delete” button of the option which needs to be deleted.

Plug-in “Multi Price” If you install the plug-in, it links the unit prices with alteration of options for items. In other words, the unit price is changed when the options for items are changed.