b. SKU price info

This is SKU setting field.

SKU info

SKU: the abbreviation of Stock Keeping Unit.
This is the minimum digit of admin setting.
So, every SKU code will be unique completely.
For now, Welcart’s inventory management system is simple.
Therefore, there is no problem that SKU becomes unique in the same item.

  • SKU code(vital)
    It has to be alphanumerics and not replicable.
    There are no rules about coding.
    If it becomes too long, it will lack simplicity and difficult to divide from other code.
    When there is only one SKU code, it could be the same as the item code.

  • Normal Price
    Input normal price, regular price, and reference price of the items.

  • Sale price(vital)
    Input the actual selling price.

  • Stock number
    Input stock numbers when they need to be managed.
    If you don’t use the function, leave it as blank.
    When stock number is defined, you cannot receive orders beyond the stock number.
    The number is deducted when customers complete their orders.
    When the sock becomes zero, the stock status becomes “sold out” and the new order will not be received. The zero stock items can be check in dashboard of Welcart Shop.
    Customers cannot purchase the item which status is “sold out” even if you increase the number.

  • Stock status(vital)
    It sets up the stock status. When stock number becomes zero, it’s status becomes “sold out”, and new purchase will not be accepted.Except it, stock status can be manipulated manually.
    *Even if the status says “In stock”, the new purchase cannot be accepted when it’s number is zero.

  • SKU display name
    It works each SKU need to have its name.
    size S
    size M

  • unit
    It gives a unit number for each SKU.

  • Apply business package
    It define whether business package discount is applied or not.


SKU info will be added on when you click “add SKU” on “Add new SKU field”

Change SKU info

The added SKU can be changed anytime. After changing each box, click “renew” button.
When you change some information of SKU field, click “renew” button in the same field definitely. The “renew” button in the right side bar doesn’t make any change about that.

Delete SKU

When you want to delete SKU, click “Delete” button in there.