Basic setting

There are four fields in Basic Setting: “business setting”, “shop setting”, “payment method”, and “shared option”.

After changing the value, you must press the “Change Setting” button to confirm.

Basic setting screen

Business Setting

Business setting screen

  • Display mode
    Choose display mode of the shop. When “under maintenance” is selected, the under maintenance message is displayed and customers are not allowed to enter the shop. The administrator who is logged in to the control screen can enter the shop even under maintenance. Another mode is “On campaign”.
    This mode will be activated during the scheduled campaign period set in “business day setting”.
    During campaign period, you can add some benefits to particular products such as discount.
    The priority of these modes is“under maintenance”> “on Campaign”> “regular business”.
  • Campaign target
    Select a product category to add benefits during “On Campaign” mode.When a product in this category is purchased, the benefit will be applied.
  • Campaign benefit
    Set the benefit for the campaign.“Point” is a benefit available only for members, and you can set the multiply value of the regular point.
    “Discount” is for all the customers, and you can set the discount amount on retail price.

Shop setting

Shop setting screen

  • Company Name
    Name of the company that manages the shop.
  • ZIP Code (mandatory)
    ZIP Code of the shop management company.
  • Address 1 (mandatory)
    Address of the shop management company.
  • Address 2
    Building number and so on of the shop management company
  • TEL (Mandatory) : Fax
    Contact information of the shop.
  • Mail address for receiving orders (mandatory)
    Mail address to receive the order information.
  • Mail address for inquiries (mandatory)
    Mail address to receive inquiries.
  • Sender mail address (mandatory)
    Sender mail address to use when sending mails, such as “thank you” mail.
  • Error mail address (mandatory)
    sender mal address to use when sending an error message, such as returned mail.
  • Free shipping conditions
    The minimum purchase amount to be eligible for free shipping.
    If you do not set free shipping service, leave this blank.
  • Quantity limit default value
    The default maximum quantity to allow a customer to purchase.
    It can be set by product using product master. When you do not use it, leave it blank.
  • Default value of shipping date
    The guideline of the lead-time from order receipt to shipping.
    You can set by product using product master.
  • Sales tax rate
    If the price is tax included, leave it blank.
  • Tax calculate method
    The sales tax calculate method when the price is tax excluded.
  • Cash on delivery fee
    The service fee when the cash on delivery is selected as a payment method.
    By pressing “advanced setting” button, you can set either fixed amount or varied amount by the purchase amount.

    Cash on delivery fee setting screen

  • Bank account information
    Remit to bank account when the wire transfer is selected as a payment method.
    You can set multiple accounts by hitting return. This will be shown in thank you mail.
  • Member system
    Select if member system is set at the shop.
  • Member point
    When the shop has membership system, select whether or not to offer point service.
  • Point rate default value
    Point rate (percent) against purchase amount that will be given to members.
    You can set it per product using product master. When you do not use it, leave it blank.
  • New registration point
    Service point to be added when registered for the first time.
    When you do not use it, leave it blank.

Payment method

Payment method setting screen

Set the payment method for the customers to use at the shop.

  • Name of payment methods
    You can freely set name such as “bank transfer”, or “Cash on Delivery”.
  • Description
    Description of the conditions of payment method, etc…
  • Transaction type
    This is the transaction type to be understood by the system. Select the applicable one.
    To use the credit service that comes with the Welcart unit, you must set the credit transaction setting in advance.
  • Settlement module
    To use outside transaction service such as the credit card payment that does not come with the Welcart unit, you must install the settlement module.
    Enter the file name of the module here.

Common option

Common option setting screen

Register the data that will be the base of product option to be set in product master. In the product master, a product option is set by selecting these common options.

  • Name of the option (Mandatory)
    Select the option name.Here, select the common option registered in the “basic setting” to apply options to a product. Therefore, you cannot change the option name.
  • Field type
    Select from “single select”, “multi-select” or “text entry”.
  • Mandatory item
    When this is checked, the product cannot be moved to the cart unless the customer chooses any option; in the case of the text field, enter something.
  • Select value
    Enter options for the customers to choose. You can enter one option per line. This item can change common options. For the text field, leave it blank.