Business Day Setting

Here, you can set campaign period or holidays when shipping is not processed.

After changing the value you must press “Change Setting” button to confirm.

Business Day setting screen

Campaign schedule

You can set the period of a campaign.

On the starting date, campaign option is applied to the products set in the “basic setting”. On the last date of the campaign, campaign mode will finish and switch back to regular business mode.

When you do not have campaign, set the “year”of the starting and ending dates blank.

Business day calendar

When you click on the date you wish to make a holiday (no shipping), the color will change to red.
To cancel, click it again.

Clicking on a day of the week will change all days of the week.

At shop, the calendar for the current and the next month will be displayed.

* After changing the setting, press the “Change Setting” button to confirm.