Delivery setting

Set shipping method and freight charge.

Delivery setting screen

Shipping method

Here, you can register shipping methods for mail, express courier service, or other carriers.
When you change the value, press the “update” button.

Shipping method setting screen

  • Shipping method name
    Enter the name of the shipping method.
    If a customer is allowed to choose shipping methods in shopping cart, this name will be displayed.
  • Delivery time
    Enter delivery time that is available to specify. Enter one time zone per line according to the carrier’s information.
    If delivery time cannot be specified, enter “delivery time cannot be specified” or something like that.
  • Flat rate
    Generally, it is common to assign one fixed rate per shipping method.
    However, when there are multiple rates and the rate has to be changed by product regardless of the same shipping method, choose “do not use flat rate” In this way, the shipping rate can be chosen when registering products.

    (When the rate is fixed, the rate selected in product information edit will be ignored).

  • Increase/decrease priority
    When a cart has multiple products, you can change the priority of the shipping methods to be applied.
    The number to the left of shipping method is the priority, with “0” being the highest.

Shipping rate

You can register as many rates per prefecture as you want.
When changing the value, press the “update” button.Rate setting

Shipping rate setting screen

  • Rate name
    Enter the name of the rate form.
    This will be used as a rate name to choose in product master.
  • Rate
    Enter the rate for each prefecture.
    To enter the same amount to all the prefectures, enter the value in the top field and press the “batch entry” button.

* Delivery setting must be done before product registration.
If the delivery setting is changed after product is registered, you have to update the product data that could be affected.
This might cause an unexpected error.