Item image registration

“Media” in the side menu register and delete item images.

Images for other than items are dealt with here also.

Preparation of item image registration

Item image file is named with the process below.

  • Main images
    The file name is derived from the item code. For example, when the item code is “pp-001”, the file name will be “pp-001.jpg”.

  • Sub images
    Branch number is added to the file name. ex) pp-001-01
    The branch number can be number and alphabet.
    There is no limit to the number of sub images.

Item and image file name can be connected by this method.
WordPress allows you to upload several images at the same time.

Data for management of images

How to connect images with item data

WordPress creates the data for management when images are uploaded.
When the title of media data and the item code is identified, Welcart regards the image as the main image of the item.
Also, when Welcarts find branch number after item code, it will be regarded as the sub image of the item. In other words, title of media is the key and the file name does not have to be the item code.

When an image is uploaded, WordPress gives the file name to the title. Using this mechanism, you can register and manage the item images very easily by assigning the item name to the item code. (Some image format cannot assign their file name to Title.)

Add New

1.When you register new image, click “Add New” in “Media” menu.
2.Click “choose file” button and choose your file of image. Pushing shift button when you choose the files is helpful to choose multiple number of files(but it is impossible for some browser to do it).
3.Click “open” button and then uploading starts.
4.When uploading is complete, image registration is done.

Delete images

To delete image, click “Delete Parmanently” button to the right of thumbnail.

Multiple deleting is also available by checking the boxes and click “Delete Permanently” in “Bulk Actions.”

When you want to change the images

The old image has to be deleted before you upload the new image.
If the same file name exists, the name of new image file will be changed automatically. In this case, it will be impossible to connect an item and the image.

Also, the image changed by cache sometimes cannot be represented when you change the item image. In that case, reload the browser.