Master items

To see the list of items, click “Master items” in Welcart shop. The list is sorted from the newest at the top. When you want to change the order, click the blue letters at the top of the list. If you want to change the name of the items, click the picture of the name of items.

Here is the content of the list.

  • Item code / item name ———- name and code of items
  • SKU code ——————— code for sizes or colors
  • Selling price ——————- the selling price
  • Stock ————————- The number of stock. It will be blank without info.
  • Stock status ——————– Stock status for each SKU code. Bulk changing operation is available.
  • Categories ———————- categories for items
  • Display status ——————– It shows the if the item is published or not.

Operation field

When “operation field” is clicked, field for bulk operation, bulk item registration, and downloading item list show up.

operation field

[item search]
Choose content from “search field” and click search button. Click “cancellation” when you want to reset your search.

[Operation in bulk]
Check the box of items and choose the operation from “Operation in bulk” then click “start” button.

[Collective registration item]

Collective registration item dialog

When “Collective registration item” button is clicked, a dialog box (img3) shows up. Then, click “choose file” button, choose the Excel file about items, and up-load it by clicking “Registration start” button.

In case that the same item code exists in both item list and excel file, the old one is replaced by the new one. In case of error during item registration, check the data format of log that remains in “usc-e-shop/logs/itemcsv_log.txt” to see if there is an error.

CVS and Excel are available for file, but Excel is more recommended than CVS. The detail information about data-format is in this link.

Collective item registration format

[Download item list]

Download item list dialog

When “Download Item List” button is clicked, a dialog box shows up. When “add a section on the first column of data” box is checked, section name will be added on the first column of the data.
Some article data cannot be represented although Excel can.

TSV format is applied for this Excel file. After the data file is edited, it should be saved as .xsl.