Setting Member page

The “member page” here simply refers to the member information page itself, login page, new member registration page, password change page, and registration completed page collectively.

The URLs of these pages will have the same page IDs.

The following two settings are member page settings:

  • Description to insert in member page
  • Custom member field

Description to insert in member page

Description to insert in member page

You can insert HTML in the beginning and ending of each “member information page”, “login page”, “new member registration page”, “password change page”, and “registration completed page”.

Set each description if necessary.

Custom member field

Custom member field

You can set any form part to member information.

You can choose where to insert the custom member field from the following three positions on the member information page: before name, after name, and after fax number.

Below is the description of each item:

  • Field Key
    The key to structure part names within a form. Basically, set a unique name using English one-byte characters.
  • Field name
    The display name (label) of a field. There is no restriction in setting the name.
  • Field type
    You can choose from single select, text, radio button or check box.
  • Mandatory check
    Check this box to set the field as mandatory.
  • Insert position
    Except order information, you can choose to insert before name, after name, or after fax number.
  • Select value
    Enter options such as single select . You can enter one option per line. If the field is a text field, leave it blank.