Installation & Upgrade

How to add and activate the new WordPress plugins.

The result of searching Welcart

Welcart can be easily installed from admin panel “Plugins – add new” in WordPress.

Type “welcart” in the search box in reach Plugin page and click “Search Plugins” button and Welcart e-Commerce will show up. Click “Install Now.”

After installation, click “Activate Plugin” to activate the Welcart plugin.
Welcart plugin will be available.

Automatic upgrading to the latest version.

Notification about the latest version of Plugins window.

When the latest Welcart plugin is published, there will be message about the latest version in “Plugins” window.
When you click “upgrade automatically,” the upgrading will start.
Upgrading would have to be done after you deactivate the plugin.

When you want to retain the old version.

Two Welcart exist

After automatic upgrading, the old programs will be deleted (The theme will not be deleted).
The old version can be retained by the process below. This process enables Welcart to go back to the previous version when the latest one does not work well in your environment.

  1. Deactivate Welcart.
  2. Change the name of usc-e-shop directory in plugin directory with FTP or other protocols.
    ex) usc-e-shop-backup
  3. Install a new Welcart from “Plugins – add new” tab without upgrading.
  4. In case of a problem, deactivate and delete the new installed plugin.
  5. To go back to the previous version, change the name of directory to “use-e-shop” as before with FTP or other protocols.

When you do not see any problem with the new version after using it for a while, you can delete the old one.

How to install Welcart plugin after downloading

Installation with uploading

When you want to install the Beta-Version or Development Version, upload the downloaded file from admin panel and install it.

  1. Click “Upload” button in “Install Plugins” page of “Plugins – add new” tab in admin panel.
  2. Choose the downloaded file (compressed and click “Install Now” to start uploading.
  3. After installing, click “Activate” to activate the plugin.

When Welcart is already installed, deactivate the plugin and delete or do upload & install with the same process as “When you want to remain the old version” above.

Activate themes

Installed Welcart default theme

When installation and upgrading are finished, “Welcart default theme” (only for welcart use) is installed at the same time. Activate “Welcart Default Theme” from “Appearance” in admin panel.
When Welcart Default Theme exists, it does not need to be installed (renewal).
Also other themes are not renewed or over written by upgrading of Welcart.

Thus, the installing is finished. The next process is Preparation

How to install WordPress


When PHP is in safe mode.

PHP safe mode is not supported.
When PHP is in safe mode, the theme will not be installed.
There is “welcart_default” theme in “theme” folder in “usc-e-shop” plugin folder.
When you want to use Welcart Default theme, set “welcart_default” to the folder of WordPress theme by FTP.

Welcart writes the data into the tables such as posts, postmeta, options, terms, when activated. To avoid any troubles, save the back up of your blog before installing Welcart.

If “.htaccess” is available in your environment, you can add these tables into “.htaccess.”

The “.htaccess” for WordPress with UTF-8.

php_flag output_buffering off
php_value output_handler none
php_value default_charset none
php_value mbstring.language “Japanese”
php_value mbstring.internal_encoding “EUC-JP” or ”UTF-8”
php_value mbstring.http_input “pass”
php_value mbstring.http_output “pass”
php_flag mbstring.encoding_translation Off