Plugin Activation

When you activate Welcart plugin, several features will automatically be in the plugin.

Welcart Default Theme

When “welcart_default” file cannot be found in theme of WordPress, you can create the folder for “welcart_default” and create the duplicate of theme file there.

When you find “welcart_default” folder, you don’t need to do it.

Default Pages

The pages listed below will be added when you do not find them in a slug “post_name”. However, when “post_name” exists, these pages will not be added. In other words, if a page with the same slug name as Welcart exists online, Welcart plugin would not be activated correctly. In case of deleting default pages, Welcart plugin must be reactivated.

(title) ————— (slug)

  • Cart —————- usces-cart
  • Member ————- usces-member


When there are slugs different from the categories listed below, they will automatically be added. However, when the slugs already exist, they will not be added. “Item” is a vital category to activate Welcart plugin with WordPress. In case of accidentally deleting these features, Welcart must be reactivated.

(category) ——— (slug)

  • Items ——————— item
  • Item recommended ———- itemreco
  • New Items —————– itemnew
  • Item genre —————– itemgenre

This category has two hierarchies. Please check this link if you want to know the details.
Formation of categories


These tables will be added when Welcart is activated in the first place.

  • usces_order ———————- data of orders
  • usces_order_meta —————– customizable data for orders
  • usces_member ——————– data about members
  • usces_member_meta ————— customizable data for members
  • usces_access ——————— data for totaling