Composition of item page

WordPress users might think they can insert the merchandise photo or write in item description in the text itself, if they read that “Welcart item data uses uploaded post.”

Sure, you can write item description into the item master text section, and you can also insert photos.

However, you need the button to put the item into the cart on the merchandise page, and you need to insert active parts (invisible ones included) such as SKU and item options. It’s not practical to write in these information with rich text editor in order to register numerous items.

For those who are running multiple storefronts, you’d also want CSV intake function that can insert item data at once. Considering these by the whole, you’d need the following rules:

  • It’s better to separate (administration of) item data and item photo.
  • It’s better to have editable item data in Excel.
  • Display must be changeable by item settings.

Thus, Welcart uses fixed layout for detailed item description and automatically generate from plug-ins. The layouts work as follows.

Detailed Item Page 1 (Single SKU)

Detailed Item Page 1 (Single SKU)

Detailed Item Page 1 (Single SKU)
This page shows the item page for single SKU, not requiring size variations and such.

Detailed Item Page 2 (Multiple SKU)

Detailed Item Page 2 (Multiple SKU)

Detailed Item Page 2 (Multiple SKU)
This Page shows the item page for multiple SKU.

Both main and sub item photos are derived from WordPress media library.
See here on how to register item photos.

Items in red frame are all set at the amount from item master managing screen.

Related items are connected by tagging the item code.

Can you change the style?

The style output by Welcart is controlled by usces_cart.css within the plug-in file. Since this style sheet is set after the thematic style.css, thus it will not be reflected by writing in the style in style.css. Also directly correcting usces_cart.css within the plug-in folder is not recommended since it will overwritten when plug-in is update.

In order to change the style of Welcart output,please create the style sheet by the file name usces_cart.css within the theme folder. It will set the appropriate style. You can also copy usces_cart.css within plug-in folder and make correction on it (by placing only the changed style).

Since the usces_cart.css within the theme folers is set at the end of the tag, you can overwrite plug-in style.

Item page does not have much leverage, but this page is very important for the shop.
We are working to see if we can change the page so the users can freely design as they wish. For instance, we can add the templates made by users and such.

How items are shown within the Loop Display

Loop Display

Loop Display

For Blog themes, it is common that the top page often shows the latest entry, but how would it show the items?

In this case also, Welcart has the items display fixed as shown in the illustration to the right. Thumbnail links are to the detailed item links.

If you do not want to display the items and the regular posts at the same time, check “in case of loop display, separate items” in the system setting of the administer’s page so the items will not be shown but the regular posts in the loop.