Effective use of item categories

uCart category widget

Welcart Category Widget

Example of Category Registration
Think of sorting method for items.

Think of sorting from a customer’s point of view, such as “Choose by design,” “Choose by color,” “Choose by genre,” “Choose by brand,” and so on.

Register the item sorting as categories.

For instance, category callede “Choose by gnre” will be:

Name of Category: Toys
Category Slug: toys
Parent Category: Items

If you don’t choose “Items” as parent category, it will not show up on Welcart Category Widget.

Register categories within the products category as follows:

Name of Category: Comic
Category Slug: comic
Parent Category: Products

Name of Category: Computer
Category Slug: computer
Parent Category: Products

and so on.
Parent category for this case would be “Products.”

Next up, category setting for item registration.

Category option field

Category option field on item registration screen

The illustration on the left shows the category option field on item registration screen.

Item is checked at the initial setting, which is essential. Removing the checkmark will disregard the item.

For instance, if this item is “new items,” its genre is “toys,” product is “comic,” then the following categories should be checked.

Item genre
New Items

All categories are selected

All categories are selected

When all categories are selected.

After item registration, display would be on the left.
Note that you need to check “Item genre” and “Products.”

Based on this, try displaying the widget of this shop.

Welcart Widget

Welcart Widget

Use Category Organization and Welcart Widget to lead to the appropriate item description page.

Also, one can use multiple search of item categoryies by using Welcart Keyword search widget.
When “Item Category Multiple Search” on the left is clicked, a page like the one below will appear.

Item Category Multiple Search

Item Category Multiple Search