Welcart Documents

Welcart Documents

Welcart is a plugin for shopping site creation.
The newest version of Welcart plugin is v.0.9.1


WordPress 3.0 need to be used with Welcart 0.5.2 or upper version.
It cannot be downgrade from v.0.5 to v.0.4 (downer version).

Each Word Press versions are appropriated to the Welcart versions below.

  • WordPress3.0 ・・・ Welcart0.5.2 or newer version
  • WordPress2.9 ・・・ Welcart0.4.4 & Welcart0.5.2
  • WordPress2.8 ・・・ Welcart0.2.2 & Welcart0.3