h. Category

Category setting

Item category is composed as layers.
For example, when you want to recommend an item genre “Tops”, check the 4 boxes “Items”, “Items recommended”, “Item genre”, and “Tops”.

In Welcart Default theme, check the box “Item recommended” when you want to put some item on the “Item recommended” field in top page.
Because of the structure of WordPress, unselected category is not indexed and it seems complicated.
After checking the box and saving the draft, remove unnecessary ones is easier to manipulate it.

Category edit

To add, edit, and delete category, “Category” in “Post” menu is useful for that.
The example is following below.

Category edit page

Default category

Several categories are created automatically when Welcart plug-in is activated.

“Items”, “Item genre”, “Items recommended”, and “New Items”

If these default categories are deleted, they will not be represented in the shop.
In case of deleting, Welcart plug-in has to be reactivated to recover these categories.
Also when the categories are recovered, the layer structure has to be recreated because it is destroyed when it was deleted. Furthermore, do not change the slug of default categories.